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Custom Team Trivia Party


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New hire onboarding

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$29 / person  •  $300 minimum

For this event, we write and design a custom trivia game that's centered around you, your team, and your company. Our team will facilitate and live-host your game to ensure that every teammate is engaged and having a great time. Even better, this means you get to play and have a great time with everyone too! This activity is great for teams who have a competitive spirit and love having fun with each other. We can also work with you to theme the trivia around specific educational topics and heritage months. For example, we've worked with lots of companies to host Pride month events, AAPI month events, etc.!

Customer Reviews

Thank YOU!!!! Trivia was so awesome and we had an AMAZING host :) I had a fab time and so did the team! Thanks again for your flexibility and dedication. Cadence is wonderful!

Alicia T.

People Operations Manager, LegalPad

Everything about the Team Trivia Party was done really well, I was blown away. I came in wondering what kind of cheezeball event we were going to get into and left thinking every company should use Cadence.

Thomas F.


Our Hispanic Heritage themed Team Trivia Party was so much fun! I really enjoyed learning more about Hispanic Heritage, and also more about my colleagues. This event really helped boost connectedness, and your energy has helped us to approach everything with a smile.

Aleksey M.

Senior Product Manager, Routable

The team had a great time— the energy was much higher than previous events! I had 2 members of the product team on my team and we were all commenting on how great the trivia UX was— great job! The whole thing was awesome.

Cassie C.

COO, Pair Team | +1 510-270-0891
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