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Storytelling Hour



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New hire onboarding

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Stories are one of the most powerful ways that human beings connect with each other. During StoryTelling Hour, we'll use stories as medium to strengthen your relationships with your coworkers. The hour will be broken into a few facilitated exercises that will help each attendee (a) hone their story telling abilities and (b) get to know their coworkers on a more personal level. This workshop is live facilitated for your group by a member of our team.

Customer Reviews

Storytelling Hour helped me bond with my teammates in a much deeper level than we do just talking about work stuff.

Andy L.

CEO, BasisBoard

I loved how personable Storytelling Hour was! I exercised my listening muscles and got to learn so much about my teammates.

Jesi L.

People Operations, AllStripes | +1 510-270-0891
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